Offshore Day 60 x 40" - LIMITED EDITION


Shot at Watergate Bay during the spectacular run of swell delivered by Storm Darcy. This wave is just perfectly formed - not that you would be able to surf it. Way to windy! There were plenty of rainbow sprays off the back of the waves this day and you can see the remnants of one to the right of this photo. You can also see the sand blowing on the beach - unless you had a face mask you couldn't walk down there as the sand stung your face like needles. 


Offshore Day is a limited edition photograph. There will only ever be three Offshore Days available so grab one while you can.  The size is 60x40" and they are printed on the stunning Edge Frames, which are very high quality and extremely robust. The three limited editions available in the following:

White Edge Frame

Black Edge Frame

Oak Edge Frame


You will also receive the following gifts featuring the photo when you purchase Offshore Day:

Coffee Mug


Luggage Tag

Mouse Mat